Ayala’s Herbal Water: A Bottled Water That’s Actually Healthy?

Those crystal clear bottles of water look inviting, but most bottled and flavored waters are no healthier than tap water ‘” and some far less so. A study conducted by the Environmental Working Group found no less than 38 contaminants in 10 different brands of bottled water commonly sold at grocery stores. Now, a company called Ayala’s Herbal Water has entered the bottled water market with a new concept herbal water infused with organic herbs. These waters are USDA organic certified and packaged in BPA-free plastic bottles. This company hopes to bring a healthier bottled water to a thirsty American public looking for alternatives to soft drinks.

The creator of Ayala’s Herbal Water – a medical doctor, a vegetarian, and a mom who wanted a healthier drink alternative for her family – starting extracting organically grown herbs from her garden and adding them to purified water. The result is Ayala’s Herbal Water which comes in six different herbal flavors including lemon grass mint vanilla, ginger lemon peel, cinnamon orange peel, cloves cardamom cinnamon, lemon verbena geranium, and lavender mint.

Studies showing that most bottled waters contain the same contaminants found in tap water. Is Ayala’s Herbal Water really different? The company emphasizes that they purify their water obtained from artesian wells via a multi-step process which removes impurities. It’s then flash-pasteurized to kill bacteria. They don’t add anything to the final product with the exception of organically grown herbs. Ayala’s Herbal Waters are completely sugar-free with no artificial flavors, preservatives, or coloring. They’re even calorie free.

How does Ayala’s Herbal Water taste? These all-natural waters have a light, clean, refreshing flavor with just enough herb taste to make them enticing. They have light floral, fruity tones ‘” depending upon the flavor ‘” that’s pleasing to the tongue without excessive sweetness; and there’s no carbonation to give that bloated feeling. After tasting the fresh, light purity of these waters, you’ll want to return to them again and again and may soon find other drinks taste too heavy.

Ayala gives new credibility to the bottled water industry by creating a purified bottled water with a fresh herb taste and packaging it in a BPA-free bottle. The price is even affordable at around $1.79 per bottle. It would be nice if this company packaged their herbal waters in glass bottles, but all-in-all this is one bottled water you don’t have to feel guilty drinking.

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